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Secretive Scorpions never call
In the background, observing all
Intensity that can't be beat
Never willing to accept defeat

The first question you'll have when your little Scorpion arrives, is why does your little tikes face look so serious, it almost looks like a frown. You will soon discover that your little bundle is deep in thought, with an intensity that most adults never encounter.

These children take life seriously, Observing everything and anything. They don't require a lot of sleep but you can keep them amused by putting them in the room that has the most action.

These tiny, but strong, little characters have a will that is second to none. They have an air about them that leads you to believe that they are calm and peaceful , but remember, still waters run deep. Know other sign is as hard to get to know as your little Scorpio.

Just when you think you have a handle on their likes and dislikes they will change. You will begin to realize that they are somewhat mysterious and magical in their approach to life. They are born with strong principles and will fight for what they think is right.

Their ability to see matters through to the end shows the Scorpions shear will power and determination to succeed. These toddlers do not accept defeat, so watch out because when you let down your guard they will be ready to strike again. They are not demanding children, if anything they learn at an early age to fend for themselves, and they seldom ask for assistance.

They will always take the side of the underdog, and they are very loyal friends. Scorpions hide their thoughts well, which makes it hard to know where you stand with them. Very few people ever get really close to these little stingers, but those that do should cherish the connection, as they will probably never encounter as intense, loving or true a relationship as the one they have with this incredible misunderstood sign.

In many ways the Scorpion's reluctance to show their true colors make it impossible to know what to expect next. They are exceptional children and if raised with love, consideration and honesty you will have no problem. But if you are unjust, watch out because the Scorpion stops at nothing to even up the score. These children are harsh enemies and once burnt they never forget or forgive. Their revenge will most definitely be felt.

These children do well in school if they have a solid and secure home environment. But if in their early years they are faced with an unstable situation a rebellious little character will evolve. They do not like to be bossed or forced to do things that they find displeasing and they will protest against anything that they find to be unfair.

They are highly competitive in everything they do and will strive to be the best. They are usually good at sports and will be welcome asset to any team. Often voted the most valuable player and the leader of the pack. Their stamina is second to none as they never give up on anything they believe in.

They have such determination and will power that they rarely fall short of their goals. They don't need a great deal of discipline, and they always know when they have done something wrong. If you ask them to choose their own punishment, it will be much more severe than anything that you might have suggested.

These youngsters are bright and knowledgeable about a lot of different things. They will always surprise you with their depth and understanding. They have a great interest in secrets and they go to great lengths to observe what everyone else is up to, so don't bother trying to hide anything from your little Scorpion. They have an all or nothing approach to life and this coupled with their intense nature can make them very difficult to bring up.

You must instill consideration, forgiveness, compromise and respect for authority figures right from day one. Scorpions are strong individuals and if they want something badly they will work relentlessly to obtain it. You will find it hard to keep things from your little scorpion. They instinctively know when something is wrong.

They are secretive and very jealous. Their eyes are penetrating and magnetic and they can out stare anyone with ease. These little toddlers are a going concern. They learn to walk at an early age and once they do, look out. Their curiosity coupled with courage will lead them into perilous situations.

Life with your little scorpion will not be easy or calm, but you will learn a great deal from the experience and in later years admire the qualities they possess. If you treat your little Scorpion with respect you will have a loyal and concerned child that will stand by you throughout life.

Baby Scorpions life has just begun
You must teach them to have fun
Serious thoughts, so hard to read
Accomplish with uncanny speed.

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