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A note for the interested - A horoscope chart changes every four minutes
-it's as unique as a persons thumb print !. Therefore, the more information
given to an Astrologer, ie. birth data - the better !

What you're really like...

AQUARIUS (Jan.20 - Feb.18)
Aquarius, the progressive, innovative and inventive.You have an eccentric temperament and show great determination and stubbornness. You like to operate as an equal among equals.You often have friends of both sexes and your pursuits are usually more intellectual than physical.

You take your work very seriously and although you appear to be calm, you are nervous and apprehensive. You do their best work with others, however you are not dependent on your environment for security. You do like material possessions but you are seldom greedy. Your emotions are refined by intelligence and discrimination. You tend to have an odd domestic life and often break away from family ties.

The Game of Love...

The Aquarius Male...
You need to be mentally intrigued before you will make your move on a perspective mate. Mind contact is a necessity for sexual fulfillment. You are generous, open and sincere to those you care about. You like to get involved in your mates' interests. You will search for answers and the truth in any relationship. You are somewhat shy and will often wait for someone else to make the first move.

You can't live within a relationship that is domineering or restrictive in any way. Although you appear to be cool outwardly, you are really quite emotional and tender. When it comes to sexual encounters you are very imaginative, however, you also are a dreamer of erotic fantasies. You will look for a partner who is willing to satisfy your relentless pursuit of intense sexual experiences. You fall in love quickly but you are also hesitant to commit completely to anyone.

The Aquarius Female

You have high standards and you insist on being treated with respect.There is no way you will compromise. You are sensitive, intellectual and you like parties and people.You are honest, direct and will bare your soul to those you care about.

You are a very giving person, always willing to offer advice to those in trouble, You are quite capable of doing a man's job and seldom pick your mate based on what he can do for you. You love to travel and must feel independent in your existence. You do require a great deal of love and companionship, however it must be on your terms. You are not that eager to marry and you seek intellectual stimulation foremost.

Who's the Lucky Love Slave ? ......

  • AQUARIUS & ARIES: Excellent match. You both enjoy a variety of entertainment.
  • AQUARIUS & TAURUS: Concessions necessary for both of you, to be successful
  • AQUARIUS & GEMINI: Not always smooth but certainly an exciting connection.
  • AQUARIUS & CANCER: You are far too aloof for the insecure Crab.
  • AQUARIUS & LEO: Plenty of chemistry, but the Lion is physical, you're intellectual.
  • AQUARIUS & VIRGO: Virgo's are not social enough to hold your interest.
  • AQUARIUS & LIBRA: Exciting, fun loving and carefree connection.
  • AQUARIUS & SCORPIO: Not the best coalition. You're both fixed in your beliefs.
  • AQUARIUS & SAGITTARIUS: A wonderful affair, two ships that pass in the night.
  • AQUARIUS & CAPRICORN: Not good. You both have totally different goals in life.
  • AQUARIUS & AQUARIUS: An inventive coalition, but lacking in the sexual arena.
  • AQUARIUS & PISCES: Emotional blackmail verses imaginative mind games.

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