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Demi Moore: Nov. 11, 1962

Demi Moore is a Scorpio with not only her Sun in that constellation but the planets Mercury, Venus and Neptune placed in that sign as well. Although her chart is quite well aspected she does have some areas that indicate that she has deep emotions, anger and difficulties getting along with others. She is observant, secretive and extremely passionate. It would be difficult for her to be in a relationship that didn't give her the kind of attention that she requires.

She does match up rather well to Piscean Bruce Willis however with the amount of time that they spent apart due to their hectic schedules it was probably difficult for Demi to keep herself emotionally balanced at times. Demi's chart indicates the great love that she has for her children and for her work. She is creative in a practical way and will work hard in order to reach the level of acclaim that she desires. She takes the position of motherhood seriously and will do whatever is necessary to provide her children with whatever it is they need both mentally and physically.

Demi has been is a high cycle this year when it comes to love and romance and although she has managed to stay out of the tabloids to a great extent it isn't because she isn't actively getting out and being social. She is being secretive and discreet to the best of her ability. This year has been a roller coaster ride for her at an emotional level and it is apparent that she and Bruce will continue to talk and work out a solution to their problems between now and February of next year. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that they will stay together but they will find a way to work together in order to give their children the best possible upbringing.

Julia Roberts: Oct. 28, 1967

Julia Roberts is a Scorpio with a strong Virgo influence. She is strong willed and determined to have her life run according to her plans. In the past that has not always been the case especially where relationships were concerned. She has been going through a period this year that is wonderful for meeting potential partners as well as being able to mend some old ties that have been left undone.

Julia is continuing to go through a metamorphosis that should help her realize what she truly wants out of life. Over the past couple of months she has begun to crave security and all the things that a stable lifestyle can offer. Opportunities will be plentiful for Julia over the next couple of years and if she plays her cards right she will end up getting all that she desires.

Julia is moving into a two to three year cycle that will offer her more fame, fortune and security. She will find herself moving into more settled times that should lead to a serious and meaningful relationship that will lead to marriage and all the trimmings that such a life style can bring. Julia will find that the millennium will be a time of great opportunities as well as a time of contentment, joy and satisfaction. She has worked hard to reach a level of stardom that few actresses ever accomplish and now she will have the opportunity to enjoy all that little extras that go along with such status.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Nov. 11, 1974

Leonardo Di Caprio is one hot mega star with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in the sign Scorpio and the Moon, Uranus and Pluto in Libra giving him that Libra sophistication coupled with his Scorpio do or die attitude. DiCaprio has an extremely well aspected chart that allows him such versatility and freedom when it comes to his creative abilities and career goals. The only area of his life that appears to be questionable is where over-indulgence is concerned. He has his natal planet Neptune in the sign Sagittarius at an adverse aspect to Jupiter in the sign Pisces.

This usually is highly creative but at the same time somewhat escapist. For a young man he has already accomplished recognition for his talent and all the fame and fortune that he could possibly want. For most people his accomplishments would be more than enough but for Leonardo it's really just the beginning. He is a perfectionist and an artist. Far more concerned with the type of film or project that he works on than what it may or may not do for his career.

For Leo the millennium will bring many new options. Along with those options will be challenges, changes and constant questioning. He may not agree with everyone in the industry that he meets but he will find that the more he allows others to dictate to him and the more he lets his sensitive side be exposed the more depressed he will become. The years ahead will be emotionally challenging for Leonardo however if he can manage to put his efforts into his art and performance instead of into escapist tendencies he will discover a whole new depth to his talent, abilities and his future direction.

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